How to Add Flavour to Your Recipes Without Adding Calories

One of the reasons that many people struggle to follow a low fat diet and provide themselves with the right nutrition to maintain their wellness is that they find this type of food very bland. Many people associate any food that is beneficial for their wellbeing with boredom and frustration, but actually even diet food can be packed full of flavour.


There are actually tons of low calorie ways to add flavour to your food, and with the right knowledge your diet can be anything but boring.


Hot sauce has got to be one of the most exciting ways to add a bit of zing to your meal. It’s not only low in calories, but the chilli peppers also boost your metabolism. Keep eating spicy foods and speed up the rate at which you burn calories. You can add it to a chilli made with lean beef or to chicken or turkey dishes.


Following the same train of thought, spices are also low on calorie and packed with flavour. You can add anything from pepper to onion powder to a variety of low calorie recipes, to add a lot of flavour to a normally bland, low-calorie meal.


To make a fruity, summer dish, try adding barbeque sauce to the menu. This will turn plain old pork chops or baked chicken into a tasty and flavoursome dish. Just make sure that you look out for a barbeque sauce that is low in sugar, as some of them can have high levels of sugar.


If you want a fresher flavour, citrus juices can be a fantastic way to add a lot of extra flavour to the menu without adding any calories. You can use these to jazz up so many things – from adding a splash of orange or lemon juice to make your glass of water tastier to using it as a marinade for chicken or fish.

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