How The Thigh Gap Craze Could Be Hurting You

In the modern world, it often seems that there is a prescribed way that people consider that they have to look like. People are obsessed with their own body image and are constantly thinking about ways that they can change their appearance to become more like what they perceive they should look like. This might seem harmless on the surface, but the truth is that striving for a particular appearance can be very damaging to your health. Just take a look at the problems of an eating disorder such as anorexia.


In this case, it is clear to see that as young girls (and women and men) strive to look a certain way, they put their body at risk by starving it and forcing it to vomit. These are highly unhealthy things that are extremely bad for your overall wellness. And it is caused by bad body image and the belief that the only way to be attractive to mirror the hyper-slim image of models, most of whom are either suffering from the condition themselves or have been airbrushed to appear thinner than they actually are. This represents a very worrying trend for young people who are being manipulated by an impossible body image as well as their own vanity to make themselves unhealthy.


The latest craze that is starting to cause health problems for young people is the concept of the thigh gap. The desire here is to have thighs that do not touch when your legs are together. This clearly means having very slim thighs, perhaps to the point of being unhealthy. Girls who attempt to get this look use extreme and over-the-top tactics in their attempts to get their way to the thigh gap and this can include starving themselves, throwing up or even excessively exercising. While these may work and give the girl the look that she might want, it will also cause long-term health problems which will be very bad for wellbeing.


The first thing it is important to remember is that people have different body types and bone structures, and for some it would be impossible to have thighs that do not touch without being seriously underweight and ill. For others it is simply a more natural look due to the way that their bodies accumulate fat or due to a high metabolism. In short, it is not healthy for everyone to have a gap between their thighs and in fact for many people it is highly unhealthy and should not be attempted.


Unfortunately this is a symptom of the fact that young people are so obsessed with body image and can’t seem to understand that it is fine to look different. This is hardly something new – just think about how women use high heels in their attempts to look good even though it is very bad for their feet. The problem with this new obsession is that modern fashion accentuates skin-tight clothing, forcing women and girls to reveal how thin or otherwise their thighs are. This can lead to a highly self-conscious situation where they are constantly comparing themselves to others and begin to see themselves as inadequate.


Clearly this is a society-wide problem that we need to deal with, rather than assuming that it will be able to fix itself. Too many girls and women are finding themselves in the situation where they seem themselves as inferior to others and it is causing to use unhealthy techniques to achieve the look that they believe that they need to have. This needs to change.

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