What Everyone Ought to Know Before Starting Weight Training

When you are new to the world of weight training and fitness, it can seem very confusing. You know that you want to benefit your wellness and wellbeing by lifting some weights, but you are not sure how to push your body, and how far you should push it.


There are dangers to be aware of, though, and pushing your body to the limit is not always a good idea. As a newbie, you could well fall victim to your own over-zealousness. Fortunately, there are a few simple things that you can do to make sure that you look after your body as you are gradually easing yourself into the world of weight training.


First and foremost, never start cold. You must always take time to warm up and stretch your muscles and to get your blood flowing before a session. This may seem like a chore but it gets your body warm, activates your fat-burning mechanisms and makes your limbs nice and supple, avoiding potential injuries.


You should always look for intensity in your workout, too (without hurting yourself of course). If you’re going to lift weights, then train until you find muscle failure, and gradually push those limits. This way you will tone up and build muscle in the shortest period of time. Visit the gym regularly for shorter periods of time, rather than long workout only once or twice a week.


Don’t snack during your workout either – it will make you feel sluggish and lazy. It’s best to avoid eating before a workout too, unless it’s a marathon of course, but do have a light snack of around 200 – 300 calories after your intense workouts to replace any calories that you may have used up. This will also teach your body to replace muscle energy but not to store any extra fat.

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