Could a Passionate Kiss Help Revamp Things in the Bedroom?

Kissing may seem like something that only teenagers do at bus stops, but in actual fact a passionate kiss could be the key to safeguarding your sexual wellness and wellbeing.


Many couples who have been together for a period of time find that the ‘fireworks’ part of their relationship dies out. They may still be intimate and may still have sex, but most stop kissing passionately. This is not at all uncommon, but it is really important not to underestimate the power of a simple kiss.


Second only to the genitalia, the mouth has many nerve endings. It is extremely sensitive to the touch, and kissing can send pleasure signals all over the body.


There are many different types of kiss, of course, from the simple peck on the lips that you would give to your grandmother or similar family member, or the more romantic types of kisses. This is such an important subject that there are even whole books on the subject, detailing the different types of kisses that people can engage in. With so much incentive and variety, it is, therefore, rather sad that kisses seem to fade out of long-term relationships.


Couples also tend to find that sex can become a bit ‘mechanical’ in a long-term relationship. They describe it as like ‘scratching an itch’, which basically means that it is perfunctory and mutually satisfying, but that it is not mind-blowing or particularly thrilling. That doesn’t mean that mechanical sex is not pleasant, romantic and connecting – it could well be all these things – but it is probably not as passionate as the sex you enjoyed in the early days of the relationship.


The trick to reawakening the passion and getting past this mechanical sex could well be to bring kissing back into your relationship. Reintroduce kissing slowly – work at slowly touching one another more, being more affectionate and spending time together. Next time you have sex, move in to a passionate kiss. You will be surprised at where this could lead you!

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