Don’t Wait Until January: Pre-New Year’s Health Resolutions

Everyone has good intentions in January to become fitter and improve their health, but there’s no reason why these good intentions need to occur just once a year. Beginning straight away rather than waiting means you can start making healthier choices earlier, and begin reaping the rewards as well. For example, you can begin each day (starting tomorrow!) with a protein-rich breakfast. While filling up on cereal and milk is a great way to start the day, there’s nothing helpful in that strategy when it comes to building a great body. If you start the day with protein, you’ll feel fuller for longer and will be less likely to snack throughout the day. Lean meats, eggs and unsalted nuts and dried fruits are perfect for keeping your hunger pangs at bay. The same can be said for working out – you don’t need to wait until the first of January to begin exercising. Mix up your workouts, combining high-intensity intervals on a treadmill with strength training and weights – you’ll see better results and a leaner physique in no time. Try aiming for three 20 minute interval sessions each week – the extra hour could be the game changer for that body you’re dreaming of.

Your mind is just as powerful as your body in terms of training, so try spending some time visualising your success. Whether its in the gym, the classroom or on the playing field, picturing yourself being successful in these areas will help you achieve your goals. Take ten minutes before you go to bed to clear your mind and picture yourself deadlifting 600 pounds or achieving a great result in that presentation at work. Go through all the fine details and go through each step as if it’s really happening. It’s a perfect wait to help yourself get on the right path to achieving your goals. You can begin working on your weaknesses at any time, not just as a New Year’s Resolution. There are always areas of your life, not just your workout, that can be improved, so focus on those rather than taking the easy road and continuing to work on areas you know you’re succeeding at. Design a weakness programme where you build your weaknesses into strengths, really taking into account those parts of your life that you want to see results in.


Our diets are always in need of improvements, not just after Christmas when we’ve eaten loads of processed foods. So kick the biscuits, chocolate, crisps and ready meals out of your diet early and replace them with a healthier alternative. Yoghurt, fruit and vegetables make great snacks, and a little forward planning means you can stop relying on processed meals after work. Not only will your physique thank you, but so will your doctor – it’s a well known fact that fast food is laden with salt, sugar and fat that doesn’t do your health any favours. This also means cutting out the sugary drinks and replacing them with water or diluted fresh fruit juice, so up your intake of vitamins and hydrate your body without loading it with sugar. Lastly, be sure to take time to rest. While we all want to achieve a great looking body, you need to give your body chance to rest between workouts. This will enable your muscles to relax and recuperate, as well as giving your body a well deserved break overall. Spend a day in between workouts resting, so that you’re running on full speed the next time you hit the gym.

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