Holiday Weight: It’s a Lot Easier to Gain Than Lose

Gaining weight on holiday may seem inevitable, as you over indulge on holiday food and let your fitness regime fall by the wayside. The result of this is that when it comes to January and it’s time to get back on the horse, you have gained weight and feel the effect on your wellness and wellbeing.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying the festive season by enjoying your favourite holiday treats, but allowing yourself to gain any kind of serious weight could be a big mistake. Whilst those pounds go on very easily, it takes a lot more hard work to make them come off again.


According to a number of important medical studies, most people who gain weight over the holiday season actually fail to lose it again afterwards. Holiday weight gain may even be a serious contributor to people’s overall weight gain and cause problems throughout adulthood. For people who are overweight to start with, holiday weight gain is even more of a serious problem. Studies have shown that people who are already overweight actually gain more pounds during holiday periods than those who are a healthy weight.


Exercise can be difficult during the holidays due to a lack of time or the physical conditions necessary are the main problems, and it can also be really difficult to find the motivation during the holidays. It’s often a busy time at work as well as at home, so the reasons not to exercise are plentiful.


Working out in the morning is a great way to get around this, as it means that your exercise is done and dusted before the day begins. Popping to the gym after work can also be a good idea, as it keeps you in shape before you head out for any evening entertainment. If you suffer from any joint or other physical conditions, you can always try a low-impact exercise such as swimming, water aerobics or walking. If you struggle to find motivation, make a pact with one of your friends that you will work out together during the holidays, so that you can give one another some motivation.

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