Have You Tried This New, Funky Dance Craze Workout?

When it comes to losing weight and boosting your fitness, dancing the night away improves your wellness and wellbeing like no other exercise on earth. Not only is it very good at getting your heart rate pumping and get you working up a sweat, but it’s also loads of fun.


There is a new dance craze called the 2Fly class, which is a 90s inspired dance class that has been rolling out all over America in the last year or so. Choreography routines take a strong influence from hip hop, with legs sliding from side to side, and hands brushing imaginary crumbs off their shoulders. Hopping and brushing at the same time leads to wide smiles and a heart rate that is most certainly elevating.


The soundtrack for this class is things like TLC and Kriss Kross, plus others from the New Jack Swing Era and the classes last for 45 minutes. Although borrowing music and styles from a bygone era, the class is more than just a trip down memory lane. This aerobic workout also tones up your muscles and makes you strong and lean. The calves and quads get a good workout from this and the Robocop move targets the arms and chest muscles. Then all the squatting that goes on in the Hammer Dance gives you a taught, toned bum and hamstrings.


If you take part in one of these workouts you will undoubtedly feel all of the muscles working, as they are muscle groups that often don’t get exercised during day to day life.


Half of this dance craze is about the attitude – in order to get the most out of your workout you really have to lose yourself in the music and not worry about looking silly or anything like that.

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