Lose Those Love Handles Fast: Five Easy and Quick Ways

They may be called love handles, but nobody really loves them. If you walk into any gym up and down the country, you will find that a bigger priority than general wellness and wellbeing is often to lose those pesky love handles, and this can be achieved through weight loss and fitness, but it is a tricky task.


Love handles is a name used for the deposits of extra fat that sit around either side of your abdomen. They can seem very tricky to get rid of, but there is hope if you follow these exercises. These can be done individually or (for best results) in a circuit, one following the other and then a rest in between circuits.


The first move is a ‘bicycle’ move, and to do this you need to lie on your back with your legs up in the air at a 90-degree angle. Put your hands behind your head, and then reach your right elbow to your left outer thigh (diagonally opposite. Then do the same with the other elbow and outer thigh. Repeat this 20 times. You should feel a strong burning feeling.


Russian twists are also great for love handles. Do this by sitting on the floor and then lowering your upper body so that you are only balancing on your bum. Lift your legs up and then bring your hands to your hips. Do around 15 to 20 reps of this.


Mountain climbers are also really useful for trimming off those love handles. Start in a push up position. Keep your back totally flat and then bring your right knee into your chest. Then do the same with your left knee. Do this for 30 seconds, alternating knees each time.


If you do all of this, and mix in a good bit of cardio, you can wave goodbye to those love handles once and for all.

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