Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Everyone Ought to Try

Fruit and vegetables go hand in hand with diet and nutrition. If you want to enjoy great wellness and wellbeing, you need to pack your plate with healthy fruits and vegetables. The problem can be finding the time to cook them all. That’s where juices and smoothies come into play. When you  make a blended drink, you can shove a whole bunch of these into the blender and then head out the door within minutes.


Smoothies pack a lot of nutrition into your day and they are also very delicious. Some of them even feel more like a treat than a healthy meal. There are so many different kinds of smoothies that you can make – you will never be stuck for ideas, and if you are, you can always throw a few things into the blender and see how it turns out!


One popular recipe is banana and sweet avocado. Avocados are absolutely bursting with healthy fats and will make you feel full and satisfied, whilst also adding a smooth, creamy texture to your smoothie. When you blend avocado with bananas, freshly squeezed orange juice, yoghurt, lime and ginger, the resulting drink is full of amazing flavours.


Berries are packed with antioxidants, and so if you are in need of a little pick me up, try throwing a few colourful berries into the blender, along with some pomegranate juice. This smoothie is healthy but contains no added dairy or sugar.


Superfood Smoothies can contain things like kale, spinach, orange juice, baby carrots, berries and yoghurt. The resulting smoothie is surprisingly delicious and is so full of vegetables that it’s practically a full day’s worth just in one sitting!


If you want to experiment, start by juicing single fruits and vegetable to get used to the flavours, and then mix them. Don’t be afraid to try some unusual combinations – some of the best smoothies are the ones that you really didn’t think would work well together!


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