Are You Being Sucked In By These Common Diet Myths?

Weight gain and weight loss seem like such a simple thing, and so in theory they should be perfectly straightforward. If you want to improve your wellness and wellbeing, you should eat right and increase your fitness levels, right? Unfortunately, as many dieters will tell you, it’s not as simple as that. In fact, there are a whole lot of commonly held myths about weight loss and gain, and many people simply do not know fact from fiction.


First of all, remember that being overweight does not necessarily equate to being unhealthy. Being a few pounds heavier does not mean that you are definitely going to an early grave. It is perfectly possible to be fat and healthy or thin and unhealthy. Just on its own, your actual weight is not directly related to how healthy you are.


Many people also believe that eating spicy food helps to boost your metabolism, leading to faster weight loss. Of course, eating well boosts your general health, but does not generally boost your metabolism. Just eat a healthy, balanced diet and make sure you include plenty of protein.


People also think that you have to eat an extra 3,000 calories to gain a pound, and that depriving yourself of 3,000 calories equates to losing a pound of fat too, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way either. Everybody is different, and people’s metabolism can vary hugely. In addition to this, the human body is programmed to store fat, and so it actively fights against you if you try to lose weight. All kinds of other factors can affect your weight, too, such as the time of day, how big a meal you have eaten, how much water you have drunk and the hormones in your menstrual cycle.

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