What Everyone Ought to Know About Whey Protein

In the world of vitamins, minerals and supplements, whey protein is an often overlooked supplement – and yet it can be miraculous for your wellness and wellbeing. It is basically one of the most essential supplements that you could possibly take. Whey protein is often made into protein shakes, and these can be brilliant for weight loss, muscle building and general good health. It can be very hard to know which whey protein supplement to choose, however, as the ingredients can be baffling.


One thing to look out for is the production process. If you look out for isolate whey, it means that it goes through the microfiltration process more than once. This means that the powder that is produced is around 90% pure protein, whereas for concentrate whey, it is only around 75 – 85% at best.


The protein type is also really important. If you are looking for something to take straight after a workout to help you build your muscles, then whey protein is exactly right for you. On the other hand, casein is best for a bedtime protein, which you can take before you head for bed in order to release protein overnight to help your muscles grow and recover. Soy protein is best for vegans as it is derived from soya beans, and it appears to also support muscle growth.


Keep an eye out, too, for a brand that has been around for a long time. It is a safe bet that any problems that the company have had with the powder will have been ironed out, leaving you with the best possible chances of having a very pure and effective product.


BCAAs may also appear in trace in your protein powder. Branch chained amino acids also help to stop the muscle tissues from breaking down and help to fight against delayed onset muscle soreness, meaning you can recover sooner and train again better.

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