Condoms Don’t Destroy Sensitivity, Don’t Believe Him Ladies!

Sex is full of misconceptions and strange myths. This is mainly because people still don’t like talking about it, they still see it as a taboo subject. A lot has changed in the last few decades and while it’s much more socially acceptable to talk about sex now than it ever was before, that doesn’t mean people want to. Ridiculous masturbation myths still exist in certain places, claiming all sorts of terrible consequences for those who partake when in actuality it can be a very healthy thing to do!

Human sensibilities which are often rooted in the past and have strongly religious connotations don’t really make much sense in modern society and they do a whole lot more harm than they do good.

A recent study in the USA showed that contrary to popular belief, condoms don’t actually lessen the enjoyment of penetrative sex. The ‘I lose sensitivity’ excuse has long been used by men as a reason not to use condoms but the fact that they’re now so thin that most people don’t even notice them. This information is great largely because it dispels a popular myth but also because it helps to promote safe sex.

The main issue with sex today doesn’t come from strange cultural beliefs or religious beliefs but rather from the myriad of STD’s which are out there. Promoting the use of condoms for all intercourse is imperative to halting the spread of these diseases and keeping sex as it should be. Intimate, fun and safe for everyone to enjoy as much as they see fit.

Ladies don’t believe any excuse for not using a condom and make sure the lubricant you’re using is water based so as to not damage the condom. Oil based lubes have the potential to damage condoms and render them ineffective.

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