What Are the Diets That Supermodels Swear By?

If anyone knows about diet and nutrition, a supermodel should! These people base their whole existence and livelihood around their body shape, so it is imperative that they look after their physical wellness and wellbeing. This is done in various ways, though, and no two supermodels stick to the same diet.


Some, for example, stick to a low-carbohydrate diet, feeling that their bodies do not work very well when they are tanked up on carbs. An example of a low carb meal is lean mince with a nice sauce and broccoli. A low-carb breakfast could be Weetabix or Special K, or something like eggs on toast. Lunches can be things like chicken or tuna with sandwich, or a sandwich with wholemeal bread.


The wholefood diet is also very popular, as it basically involves lots of very clean and simple eating. Breakfasts on the wholefood diet can be things like quinoa porridge with goat’s milk yoghurt, nuts, seeds and psyllium. Lunch is things like salad, sushi or a gluten-free sandwich. Snacking should be kept to a minimum. Dinner can be things like fish or chicken stir fry (basically protein mixed with vegetables), and for a treat, dark chocolate is the way to go.


Simple foods are also popular – things like baked sweet potato with grilled fish, steamed veggies and salad. Minimal preparation is the key here, and food is only cooked when absolutely necessary. Sauces are few and far between – it’s like a raw food diet but without the full commitment of this.


The blood type diet is also used by many supermodels. The premise of this is that some foods are more compatible with certain blood types. For example, those who have blood type A should follow a vegetarian diet, high in organic vegetables, legumes and fresh juices.

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