The Top 5 Gym Equipment That Will Give You the Best Workout

Let’s face it, we all have a limited amount of time, which makes it essential that we do the things that will give is the greatest results for the smallest investment. This is especially true when you go to the gym. While you can simply walk around the track, you are going to need to maximize your time and choose the best pieces of equipment if you want truly get in shape. Here are the 5 best gym machines that will give you an excellent workout.



The treadmill is an obvious choice for those who want to get a good workout. The cardio potential is almost limitless, as the speeds of the treadmill can reach beyond what an average person can keep up with. The treadmill can be a great tool for people of any fitness level, however, and even walking or doing a light jog on the treadmill can be beneficial. Special workout programs on the machine allow you to target cardio or fat burning, making this a great workout machine.



The elliptical is the best piece of equipment for endurance training. It gives you a much better full body workout than the treadmill, especially when there are arm bars that you can push to get a good arm workout. More than one proform elliptical review makes the average joe confident that ellipticals have great results on a person’s fitness. In addition to giving you a great workout, these machines do not put any force or pressure on your joints, which makes it great for people that have been injured recently or that might not be able to withstand the rigors of running.


Incline Leg Press

The incline leg press is a great way to build quad mass. A few reps a day can create major results in your overall lower body fitness. Building the mass in your legs, especially your quads, will help you do longer sessions on the treadmill and the elliptical, thereby having even greater effects on your fitness. This is a machine that is easy to use and that can give enormous results.


Vertical Press

The Vertical Press is one of the best choices for upper body workouts. When most people start out on the vertical press, they find that they just don’t have the muscles required for this machine. This means that the machine will work you out a lot, and also that you will be able to build new muscles that you weren’t getting elsewhere. The machine has similar effects to a bench press, but it gets rid of some of the dangers of an accident that you see with lifting traditional weights. Overall, the Vertical press is a great way to develop upper body fitness.


Abdominal Crunch

The abdominal crunch makes the list because, not only is it a great machine to work the core, but it also can have the sorts of results that many people hope to see after a great workout. Building abdominal muscles will help to build the sleek and attractive stomach that many people crave. Your abdominal muscles also play an essential role when you run and do other exercises, since they help to stabilize and balance your core.



However, an abdominal crunch machine is not a one stop bullet, nor is any other machine on this list. A good mix of cardio, fat burning, and strength training machines is necessary for the best health results. Using all five of the machines above is one way to get a good, comprehensive workout.

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