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Tricks to Help You Keep the Weight Off

There’s more than enough information on the market about how to lose weight, but when it comes to keeping that weight off it suddenly falls silent - so how do we maintain our new bodies once we’ve worked so hard to achieve them? Studies…

The Best Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight

It’s a common occurrence to find yourself gaining weight as you get older, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to stay slim as you age. There are just some different things you have to think about to ensure that you aren’t

Are Happy Couples Prone To Weight Gain?

A new study in Health Psychology has suggested that happily married couples are more likely to gain weight. The research looked at over 160 recently married couples who found that the happier they were in their relationship, the more extra…

Do All Diabetes Drugs Cause Weight Gain?

You might think your wellness of your weight control will suffer even more from diabetes drugs, but according to a new study, two drugs improved the wellbeing of diabetic patients but one did so without causing the patients to gain weight.…