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The Troubles With Sex After Age 60

There is something of a belief that older people having sex is in some way wrong or unnatural. It is one of the few cultural taboos left in Western society and something that we don’t seem to like to think about it or talk about.

Helping our Parents

Whether you get along beautifully or not, your relationship with your parents is likely of high significance in your life. In their own way, they have been there for you, no matter what has happened in your life. Your parents have always…

Caring for an elderly diabetic: The basics

Looking after the wellbeing of an elderly person with type 1 diabetes is not the same as taking care of a child with the same disease. Older adults with type 1 diabetes face the wellness issues of failing eyesight and memory, urinary…

Ignorance on Sexuality

The willed ignorance about sexuality of those who, somehow or other, managed to beget us, continues all the way to the nursing home, it turns out—sometimes with heart-rending consequences. The sexual life of our elders is…